Douglas Adams – The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide (Zitate)

„Life,“ said Marvin dolefully, „loathe it or ignore it, you can’t like it.“

Adams, Douglas: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, in: Adams, Douglas: The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide, 2005, Gramercy Books, Seite 95

One of the major problems encoutered in time travel is not that of accidentally becoming your own father or mother. There is no problem involved in becoming your own father or mother that a broad-minded and well-adjusted family can’t cope with. There is no problem about changing the course of history – the course of history does not change because it all fits together like a jigsaw. All the important changes have happened before the things they were supposed to change and it all sorts itself out in the end.

The major problem is quite simply one of grammar, and the main work to consult in this matter is Dr. Dan Streetmentioner’s Time Traveler’s Handbook of 1001 Tense Formations. It will tell you, for instance, how to describe something that was about to happen to you in the past before you avoided it by time-jumping forward two days in order to avoid it. The event will be described differently according to whether you are talking about it from the standpoint of your own natural time, from a time in the further future, or a time in the further past and is further complicated by the possibility of conducting conversations while you are actually traveling from one time to another with the intension of becoming your own mother or father.

Adams, Douglas: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, in: ebd., Seite 213

„We’re not obsessed by anything, you see,“ insisted Ford.


„And that’s the deciding factor. We can’t win against obsession. They care, we don’t. They win.“

Adams, Douglas: Life, the Universe and Everything, in: ebd., Seite 387

„Life,“ he said, „is like a grapefruit.“

„Er, how so?“

„Well, it’s sort of orangy-yellow and dimpled on the outside, wet and squidgy in the middle. It’s got pips inside, too. Oh, and some people have half a one for breakfast.“

Adams, Douglas: So long, and thanks for all the Fish, in: ebd., Seite 563


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